Why Salla Upper Secondary School?

  • Safe alternative
  • Good Postgraduate Opportunities
  • A supportive learning environment
  • Small study groups
  • Versatile course offering
  • Student Books to borrow
  • International atmosphere
  • Upper Secondary School diplomas: media, arts, music, physical education and household skills
  • Personal laptops
  • A functioning student union
  • Good sports facilities and various activities
  • Free apartments for students
  • Possibility to complete a dual qualification as an apprenticeship (general upper secondary education + vocational studies)


General upper secondary education is applied for through joint application in the Opintopolku service after completing national basic education. New students selected to Salla Upper Secondary School receive an email from the Opintopolku system.

Overseas students

Students applying with a foreign school certificate may only be selected based on a discretionary selection. Applicants must submit a copy of their certificate (or transcript of study record) as well as a motivation letter and video to the school. They can also be sent to the school’s email address, sallanlukio@salla.fi.
Original certificates must be presented at the start of studies.
The students’ Finnish language skills are tested with an interview and possible written language test.

Information on visiting and applying to the upper secondary school is available by contacting the International Affairs Coordinator, Sirkka Takkunen sirkka.takkunen@salla.fi.

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